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What to know about

Zardicon is a unique trading platform powered by blockchain technology, all transaction on the platform is solely based on peer to peer block distribution and purchase. Zardicon blockchain is resistant to modification of the data, because it is “an open, distributed ledger" that can record transactions between two parties efficiently in a verifiable and permanent way.
The basic strategy that controls all Block Asset trade on Zardicon is the common interest of every trader on the platform; that every trader trades to earn a decentralized interest of 2.5% per block transaction.
Zardicon block assets price accumulates per transaction made on block at any given time, trader gains 2.5% on every block sold.

NB: Zardicon trade is not CFD (Content For Difference) trade system, Pyramid Trade, Cryptocurrency mining investment but a digital asset trading platform, you purchase mined Block Asset, the system Auto-trades your block asset within 0 second to 72 hours (this mean your asset can be sold anytime within this time frame) then return back your Trade asset with interest of 2.5%.


Zardicon trade platform strategy is intelligently fortified that trader don't lose Trade Funds, Traders make 2.5% profit for every transaction and can terminate trade and withdraw funds at any time.
To trade successfully on Zardicon you must read and understand how Zardicon Trade works.

Please download Zardicon Trade Whitepaper to learn more.

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All trade on Zardicon are automatic this means trader buys Blocks Asset, Zardicon Trade System automatically sells the block and returns traders capital with 2.5% profits to traders.
Zardicon blocks can’t be stored, no outside trading of the Zardicon block, no referral, no transfer or block exchange between traders. All traders identity remains anonymous and represented with a hash code, Zardicon Prime_bot recognizes trader hash and records all transaction executed by Trader in Zardicon Ledger.

Earn 2.5% Per Block Transaction
Stay in control of your trade capital and withdraw with ease
Trade Fund Protection (Escrow)
Zardicon Trade Limited


Address: 16 Yinusa Adeniji Street, Ikeja, Lagos